The following is a copy of the original handwritten minutes of Ridge Baptist Church. 

Ridge Church is located in Summerville South Carolina.  The minutes cover the years 1874 through 1890 or there about.  They are in the hand writing of Jeremiah Harmon  3rd  child of Archibald and Sealy Harmon.


Archibald M Harmon (Archy) donated the land where the Church and cemetery are located land he received in a grant.


The cemetery can be found on the web site    FINDAGRAVE.COM     where most of the people who are in the minutes are buried.


My name is Carol Harmon.  Archibald Harmon was my 4th great grandfather.   I can be contacted through e-mail  at


I have a tremendous amount of information I hope to be able to share in the future.


Carol Harmon

My Harmon line                 Archibald M Harmon    (Archy)

                                                Jeremiah                    (Jerry)

                                                       Jacob                    (Jake)

                                                            Allen sr (Allen)

                                                                  Allen jr       (Frank)     my father



Bell     Broad     Bunch     Burbage      Crawford     Daniels     Davis     Donenley     Driggers     Droze     Fitser     Hains     Hales     Harmon     Howard     Huff    Jenkins     Johstono     Jordon       Locklier     Martin     McDuff     Miller     Monroe     Prince     Ratliff     Rits     Scott     Smith     Stephens     Sweat     Walker


I have typed out the members the original will follow


Constitution Members 1873

A.M. Harmon       Deacon        Died July 27, 1885       Archibald M (Myers?) Harmon

J. M. Harmon       Clerk                                    Jeremiah Myers Harmon  son of Archibald

S. S. Harmon                                                   Seymore Shoecraft Harmon       

Daniel Harmon    Deacon                                  son of Archibald

Shoecraft Harmon                    Died 1881        Son of Shoecraft Harmon

James Burbage

William Huff                             Excluded

Benjamin Harmon                                             son of Archibald







Baptized And Removed By Letter 1874




John Bell                      Died 1884

T.M Harmon                Thomas M Harmon                  expelled for intemperance

W.H Harmon               William H Harmon                    expelled            ? Baptism

Jeremiah Martin                                                            dismissed by letter

Robert Driggers

William Driggers                                                           excommunicated Feb 19th 1881

William Driggers Jr

James Burbage Jr                                                         excommunicated          

Bradley Huff

Robert Hales                                                                expelled

Thomas Scott               Died 1878                                expelled

F.M. Droze                                                                  Baptized Jan 16th 1876

Thomas Burbage                                                          expelled for intemperance

Lewis Burbage                                                             expelled June 1878

?      Davis                                                                    expelled for intemperance

Ely Driggers                  dead                

Edward Droze              Died Oct 21st 1878

Robert Droze               Deacon

John Driggers               dead

William Bell                  granted letter

John Huff

Pg 4

Female Constitution Members

Sealy Harmon                           Died August 6,1889

Caroline Harmon                     

Mary Stephens                         Died Oct 30th 1876

Laura Harmon

Jane Hales                                Died Oct 30th 1876

Alice Driggers Droze                                                    expelled March 31, 1883

Sophia Harmon

Malissa Harmon

Anney Driggers                                                 expelled

Mary Huff

Rebecka Burbage

Margrate Bell                           Died 1885

Bartha  Huff                              Dead

Ellen Bunch

Loanna Scot Davis                                                       excluded



Baptized and Received by Letter 1875

Elizabeth Martin                                                            dismissed by letter

Susan Davis                                                                  expelled by baptism  ?

Leanor Walker                         Dead

Celia Driggers                                       Dead

Bitsey Driggers                         Dead                            excommunicated

Sarah Driggers                                                              excommunicated 1877

Ann Broad                               Died March 1881

Sarah Smith                                                                              excommunicated

Mary Scott

Mary Fritsen

Margrate Burbage                    Died 1884                    Baptized Jan 16th 1876

Martha Bell                              Dead

Liley Droze

Epsey Craford                                                              dismissed by letter



Pg 5

Male Members Baptized 1877


J.V. Johnstono                                                                          expelled June 16

Dempsey Harmon                                                                     expelled

H.A. Driggers                           gone to Methodist                     Baptized

Thomas Scott                           expelled Jun 81             restored

Lewis Burbage                         expelled                        restored 1879

J.V. Johnstono                                                                          restored

John Driggers                           expelled Oct 81                        Baptized           restored Sep 86

Stephen Driggers                      expelled 81                               restored Sept 86

Richard Davis                           expelled for intemperance

Henry Driggers

John Davis                                expelled Sept 81                       Sept 25th 79

Jas Stephens                             expelled                                    restored Sep 86

Washington Scott                     expelled 81

Jas R Davis                              expelled 81                               restored Oct 86

Fritz Miller                                expelled                                    Oct 12 1879

Joel Huff                                   expelled Dec 81                       restored Sept 86

Willy Bell                      expelled Dec nonattendance                  restored Sep 86

Can’t read

R Willis Hains               by letter                                                expelled

William Davis               Baptized                                               expelled            restored 86

Jesey Stephens expelled                                                excommunicated          

Thos Scott                    restored                                                expelled

Lewis Burbage restored                                                expelled

James R Davis              restored                                                expelled

Johney Harmon            expelled                                               

Mackey Harmon

Noah Driggers              expelled                                                restored Sept 86

Dooley Driggers           expelled

Henry Driggers

P.V Jenekin                  expelled

William Stephens          expelled

Joseph Stephens           expelled

D.T. Stephens              expelled

Simeon Harmon                                                                        excluded

John Prince



Pg 6

Female Members



Celiann Burbage                                   expelled                                    restored Nov 1885

Mary Scott Driggers

Easter Driggers                         dead

Neoma Driggers                                   dead

Alice Huff

Agnes Davis Driggers

Elisabeth Davis                         expelled June 1878

Milissa Driggers           

Leweazer Droze                                   died 1877

Francis Driggers          

Margrate Droze

Mary Ratliff                              expelled                        restored Nov 85 by letter

Mary Bell Burbage                   expelled Oct 81

Mary A Johstono                                                          June 16th 1877

Caroline Droze                                                 died Oct 10th 1878

Laura Stephens                                                 dead May 5th 1879

Elizabeth Driggers                                                         Baptized May 18th 1879

Elizabeth Huff                                                               dead Feb 89     Sept 25th 79

Sarah Driggers                                                  expelled

Mary Driggers Huff                                                       dead

Martha Driggers Droze                                     died 3 sabath June 81

Martha Scott                                                                died Feb 24th 1880

Leaty Droze Driggers                                                    expelled Mar 31st 83

Elizabeth Davis                                                 dead

Jane Huff Driggers                                                        expelled

Cathren Davis                                                               dead

Betsey Driggers                                                            expelled for bastardry

Susan Rits                                                                    dead

Nancy Driggers                                                            dead    by baptism

Agnes Locklier                                                 dead    by baptism        1884

Betsey Driggers

Anney Davis                                                                 by baptism        Jan 14th 1882

Florence Jostono                                                          gone to Methodist

Francis Martin Davis                                                     dead 1884

Misoura Martin

Ellen Driggers               alis Davis






Pg 7

Females Members


Martha Monroe                                                dead                 Baptized

Anney Prince   

Sealy Harmon Stephens                                                            Baptized Nov 1885

Leasey Harmon                                                expelled

Martha Jane Harmon Driggers                                                  Baptized Nov 1885     

Francis Crawford Davis                                                            Baptized Nov 1885

Epsey Crawford                                               by letter            Baptized Nov 1885

Lavenia Droze Scott                                                                 Baptized Nov 1885

Nelly Burbage                                      ???                               Baptized Nov 1885

Emma Driggers                                     dead                             Baptized Nov 1885



Emma Daniels                                                                           by Baptism Sept 86     

Emma Driggers Burbage                                                           by Baptism Sept 86

Julia Driggers                                                                            expelled

Jessey Davis                                         excluded                       by Baptism Sept 86

Mahasey Davis                                                                         by Baptism Sept 86

Malera ? Donenley                                                                   by Baptism Sept 86

M Jane McDuff                                                                        dead

Leweaser Donenley                  dismissed by letter                    Baptized Oct 3rd 1886 

Margrate Burbage                    dismissed by letter                    Baptized Oct 3rd 1886

Carry Burbage                          dismissed by letter                    Baptized Oct 3rd 1886

Mary Harmon                           dismissed by letter                    Baptized Oct 3rd 1886

Mary Sweat                             dismissed by letter                    Baptized Oct 3rd 1886

Elisabeth Davis                                                                         reinstated Oct 86

Sarah Driggers              gone to Methodist

Rebecka Harmon                     gone to Advents

Nora Harmon                                                                           excluded

Anney Jordon                                                                           excluded

Minney Driggers                                                                       excluded

Mary Howard              watch came from Stono

Mary Rits                     watch come to seldom                          excluded                                  










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